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Entries for February, 2006

New iPod Coming?

Like most of you know I have debating the idea of getting a video iPod for quite some time now. Well I just heard news this morning that Apple is going to have a “Fun New Toys” event on February 28th where they usually introduce cool new stuff. I guess I’ll have to wait until then to find […]

T-Bone Tuesday

We all went out and stuffed ourselves tonight in Lincoln at the Tumbleweed bar for T-Bone Tuesday. I hadn’t been out there for awhile but they still put on quite a feed. I remember bigger steaks last time (about 3 years ago) but there was still plenty to fill all of us up tonight. Now […]

Mac OS X Exploit Found

I thought I would pass the below along to all the Mac OS X users: Published: 2006-02-21, Last Updated: 2006-02-21 09:32:13 UTC by Kyle Haugsness We received notice from Juergen Schmidt, editor-in-chief at heise.de, that a serious vulnerability has been found in Apple Safari on OS X.  “In its default configuration shell commands are execute[d] […]

Personal Software Favorites

Below is a personal list of the little, and not so little programs I install on all of my computers: Acrobat Reader FireFox WinZip latest Flash Visual Studio MS SQL Express iTunes Google Toolbar QuickTime MS Office – not so much anymore

Web2.0 or Broke2.0?

Anyone notice that the Web 2.0 applications of late are all running Ruby on Rails, PHP, or some other open source language? Not that there is anything wrong with these languages, but I find it interesting that all of these feel-good, social-group sites are all without funds and looking to be

Late Valentines Day wishes

Well since Kristy was giving me a hard time this weekend about not making a Happy Valentines Day post for my great girlfriend Tandra, here it is! I know it

Earnhardt Finishes Top Ten

There was a while today that I thought Dale Jr. was gonna take the opening race at Daytona this year but I guess I’ll be happy with a top ten spot. Here’s to another great year of NASCAR!

New Google Content

Google released a whole bunch of new widgets to add to your personalized Google homepage. There is some pretty neat stuff in there. I used to have my Google page set as my home page at work but the awful slow internet connection there leaves me with about:blank set as my home page to stay!

Interesting Google Hacks

Things you don’t want Google to find. A great read on the easy ways to get random private info using Google. I am always astounded on the stuff people put visible online. It’s a wonder anything stays private anymore…

One More Reason to Leave Windows

Microsoft is now saying that when you switch motherboards in your computer you need to purchase a new version of windows. That has to be the biggest line of crap I’ve ever heard.