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Borrowing To Invest Vs. Saving To Invest | John Chow dot Com

This is a follow up to my post about bums not being richer than you. I want to give an example of how a leveraged investment not only make you more money, but is no more risky or cost any more than the standard “save and invest” method. The Money Saver The saver is someone […]

HANS Disclaimer

I now own Hansen Natural Corporation (HANS) stock. They are the makers of the Monster energy drink. After missing last quarter’s targets they had a sharp decrease in stock price, so I figured I could ride them back up as the energy drink market seems to be growing in leaps and bounds…

Roth IRA and SEP Planning

As most of you know I’m not a huge fan of saving money just to save money. I currently fund my 401k to the max employer match, but other than that I would rather invest my money in items that depreciate slowly than leave it setting in a savings account drawing minuscule interest. Well, after […]

Stock Market Woes

So last week I sold all my Apple stock, because it was way under performing and I thought jumping into Yahoo! after they announced their earnings and fell about 5% was a steal. It looks like the Yahoo! stocks have not done too bad, and I expect them to re-align to what they were before […]