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Why Can’t We Do Whatever We Want?

Go here and read this article: It’s a Free Country… Go ahead, I’ll wait…. OK. I don’t even know where to start. First off I would guess by the naiveness of the article, that the reporter is under 25. People are no longer opening harmful emails? I have piles of data that suggests otherwise. Let […]

When to Draw the Line for Support

About 3 to 4 years ago I created a handful (about 10) modules for DotNetNuke which sold very well at the time. Since my main business focus changed about a year afterwards, I could not dedicate ongoing time to further development to these modules and they stagnated. I continued to support and sell them, but […]

12 Ways of Life I’m Declaring Bankruptcy On

Landline Telephone: I’ve actually turned this one off in my life a long time ago. Right now I think we actually have landline service bundled with our cable and internet but we don’t have a single phone plugged in anywhere in the house. Why would I want to use a (gasp!) phone book to find […]

Tax Breaks You May Not Have Known

Looking to save some last minute coin on your tax return? So am I. Here’s a list of obscure and not-so-obscure tax breaks that often get overlooked: The Kiplinger Taxopedia Remember we get 2 extra days this year! Technorati Tags: tax, season, tips, break, deductions

GoDaddy Rocks!

Last night I received a call from “Steve” at GoDaddy. This is where I purchase a bulk of my website domains from and have been content with their service in the past. To be fair, I have never had any issues with them and have never used their support. I figured “Steve” was going to […]

101 Ways to Prevent Your Office from Hating You

40. Fire employees over the phone, or worse, through a text message. 41. Ask for personal favors, especially when you know your employees are in no position to refuse. 42. Rifle through your employees’ personal desks or snoop around their workspaces.43. Misuse your company’s expense account for personal reasons. If you argue that your employees […]

Funny Comment

Comment on news story on digg titled “Is this the stupidest man alive?” about man who ended up in hospital after lighting a firecracker out of his arse: No. He is not the stupidest man alive. If Bush could figure out how to light a firecracker, he’d do the same. Technorati Tags: Bush, stupid, joke, […]

Why You Need to Get Out of Your Home Office Now

I was turned off to this article by the title, as I have done both and the home office has been more profitable in my case but there is one huge point that he makes: Reason One: A home office is not conducive to hiring employees who will help you substantially increase your income. If […]

How to Solve the Soda Stealer?

I have a fridge in my office at work that I use to keep soda cold and so I can buy it by the case instead of paying $1 per 20 ounzer at the vending machine. Lately I have noticed that the cans seem to disappear faster than normal. Monday night my suspicions were proved. […]

How to Create an Internet Kiosk in 10 Easy Steps

If you own a business and would like to provide an “Internet Cafe” to your customers but do not want to worry about them trashing your computer or snooping around your network, there are some things you can do to create a more secure environment. This secure internet browsing mode is commonly referred to as […]