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Why Can’t We Do Whatever We Want?

Go here and read this article: It’s a Free Country… Go ahead, I’ll wait…. OK. I don’t even know where to start. First off I would guess by the naiveness of the article, that the reporter is under 25. People are no longer opening harmful emails? I have piles of data that suggests otherwise. Let […]

Want to be successful? Learn how to sell!

The number 1 reason businesses fail is because they don’t have enough money. Whether you plan on owning a business or not, this is important for you to know because you work for someone. And that someone is a business. The people who tend to keep their job the longest are usually good at sales […]

Black Friday Sales

Once again, we are in the home stretch to Black Friday. Once again, I will be getting up early to brave the cold (and the other shopping idiots) to claim my share of the savings. This year I don’t plan on buying a big screen TV so I can skip the rat race at Best […]

FDIC limits too low?

With the recent close of NetBank, I wonder if the FDIC limit is too low? Apparently there was a combined loss of over a million dollars by the members. With inflation over the last few decades, is a $100k limit by FDIC too low? Technorati Tags: NetBank, limit, FDIC

How to: Swiss Bank Accounts

Ever wanted to have a Swiss Bank Account just like James Bond? Check out this site for all the ins and outs and the advantages of having one of these prestigious accounts. Technorati Tags: banks, swiss, accounts, howto

Bill Gates no longer the richest man

I’ve never even heard of this guy before. I guess you just can’t stay on top for long…

The 4-hour work week

In the next 24 hours, I made several simple but emotionally difficult decisions that changed my life forever. First, I decided to stop pursuing most of my customers so I could profile and duplicate the most profitable ones. I was spending most of my time working on small accounts, when the big five already ordered […]

PayPal is down

You guys gotta hold off on buying me a beer cause PayPal has been down for the last half hour or so… Boy, the stores that depend on this service for all their sales must be getting a little irate by now… Lots of lost revenue… Technorati Tags: Paypal, outage

How to Save Money on Phone Calls

Looks like some people have come up with a way to save some minutes by using Grand Central. (a free switchboard phone service) I doubt this loophole will exist for long. I remember back in high school, the cell phone companies came out with plans for unlimited incoming calls. This was in the days before […]

The Downfall of Debit Cards

With more and more people using debit cards exclusively these days, myself included, there comes more problems. I’m starting to see more and more stories of people either being overcharged or having holds placed on their accounts for various reasons. Here are some of the downfalls I’ve seen of using debit versus credit cards: some […]