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Entries for June, 2008

How to have Fun with Telemarketers

To Mark, A Friend We All Could Be So Fortunate To Have

On Tuesday night we lost a great friend. Not only a friend of mine, but a friend of many. I don’t think I ever met a man that never had anything bad to say about anyone. I think anyone who knew Mark, could testify to that fact without hesitation. Mark was the kind of guy […]

The Website is Down!

This had me absolutely rolling on the floor laughing: Beware as there is some NSFW language in the video.

Back on the Blogging Bandwagon

Re-written as WordPress lost my post: I’m back after being sick for over 2 weeks. Had a bad sinus and ear infection that I have finally seemed to have recovered from. I haven’t been sick for this long ever in my life. I haven’t even missed more than 2 consecutive days from work before in […]

Wii Fit Commercial?

Is this a run-of-the-mill YouTube video or a secret Wii Fit viral campaign? That is for you to decide!

Flip Video Unboxing

The only thing I regret about this purchase is being sick ever since I received it and having no time to actually use it! Otherwise this thing is awesome!

How Much Is This Blog Worth?

1,031,780How much money is your blog worth? Any takers? I might even consider offers of 10 or 20 percent of this value! 😉