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Entries for May, 2007

New Beer Promotion! Win Money!

If you haven’t already noticed, there is a link below each post asking for you, my faithful readers, to buy me a beer. I’m going to step this up a notch and turn it into a contest where you can win money! Who doesn’t like free money?! Here are the rules: 1) Buy me a […]

1973 vs 2007: What Minimum Wage Would Buy

Pretty neat comparison of now versus then with minimum wage put into the equation. 1973 vs 2007: What Minimum Wage Would Buy Some things are actually cheaper now… Technorati Tags: inflation, economy, comparison

I need an unstable woman for a drama filled relationship…

Hi there, I’m seeking a like-minded woman to share a disastrous 3-9 month relationship with, ending in acrimony, emotional chaos, and possibly legal proceedings. My name is Lloyd, I live in Chicago , I’m 27 years old, fairly well educated, I hold down a good job and am pretty stable. I’m told I’m fairly good […]

WordPress Fixed, I think

Looks like I was pointing fingers at a broken WordPress when it turned out to be an old version of mySQL causing the problems. I moved the site to a new server with mySQL 5+ and now everything seems to be working again. The posts I was talking about that should have went live when […]

WordPress Blues

It looks as though my scheduled posts never made it to the homepage while I was gone. I will be reposting them soon…

Camping Recap

Well we pulled off another miserable Memorial Day Weekend. I say this only because with the wind and rain it resulted in sub-freezing temperatures for most of our adventure. And to top it all off, on Saturday morning we were greeted with the ground covered in snow from the previous night. It actually did improve […]

How to Save Money on Phone Calls

Looks like some people have come up with a way to save some minutes by using Grand Central. (a free switchboard phone service) I doubt this loophole will exist for long. I remember back in high school, the cell phone companies came out with plans for unlimited incoming calls. This was in the days before […]

The most interesting thing I’ve read all month…

Here’s the story of how scientists unlocked the secrets of the worst natural disaster in the history of the West African nation of Cameroon… and what they’re doing to try and stop it from happening again. (More below the break) On the morning of August 22, 1986, a man hopped onto his bicycle and began […]

Offline for a few days…

I will be enjoying the weekend camping starting tonight. Not to worry though as I have a few posts scheduled to hit the site while I’m gone. I’ll be at Nelson Lake if you have the urge to go camping this weekend…

Impeach Bush Poll

Pretty hard to argue with the majority… Go Vote Now