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How To Beat Writing Fatigue

Being in the computer business, I find myself in a lot of meetings with network maps being drawn on the white board that I would love to capture effortlessly to my computer for later retrieval. What I usually do is hand draw everything and then try to go back to a program like Visio to […]

How to Create an Internet Kiosk in 10 Easy Steps

If you own a business and would like to provide an “Internet Cafe” to your customers but do not want to worry about them trashing your computer or snooping around your network, there are some things you can do to create a more secure environment. This secure internet browsing mode is commonly referred to as […]

Installing Ubuntu On An External USB Hard Drive

A good how to article, although it is a pretty straight forward process. The point below may be the only problem on how to get the external drive available to format: To fix the problem System > Preferences > Removable Drives and Media and deselect the following options Mount removable drives when hot-plugged Mount Removable […]

Reduce Winter Heating Costs

My goal this winter is to reduce my heating costs by 35% without going the easy way of just turning the thermostat down 10 degrees permanently. Here are my plans so far: move my office from upstairs to downstairs in the room directly below our bedroom – I figure this will warm the one of […]

Why not to raise the minimum wage

Right now, Congress is deciding on whether to raise the minimum wage for the country and by how much. I don’t think they should raise it at all and here is why: We want to raise the minimum wage to help out those that are trying to make a living on minimum wage but raising […]