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Back Again

I’m back at work after being sick for two days. Got loads to catch up on, especially homework. More to come…

Sick Today

Hopefully back tomorrow… powered by performancing firefox

The war is heating up

The military has designed a new weapon, that when fired upon, feels like you are about to catch fire. I’m not sure what that feels like to “about to catch fire”, but I don’t think I want to find out. In fact who gets volunteered for this type of testing? I think I would look […]

No Presidential Contender

John Kerry announced he will not be running for President in 2008. A lot of people are wondering “Why not?”, “He got pretty darn close to winning last time.” Here’s the low down though. Even though John Kerry is arrogant, he is not stupid. 2008 just happens to be the year he seeks re-election to […]

Sometimes it’s so clear…

Today at lunch I happened to be driving home over the interstate bridge when I passed an ordinary minivan. You know the type Dodge Caravan, brown, three years of dirt to cover the impending rust, you get the idea. Anyway my plan is to pass this person before I reach my turn for Subway. As […]

Interesting Celebration

TULSA, Oklahoma (AP) — Organizers of a coming-out party for a buried 1957 Plymouth Belvedere could use some help. The car, which was buried in brand-new condition under the lawn of the Tulsa County Courthouse in 1957, is scheduled to be unearthed June 15 as part of the Oklahoma Centennial. Promoters are looking for people […]

No, not dead

Just really busy. Hopefully will post more yet today…

2.2 Million Dollar Road to Nowhere

“We cannot consider (joining the roads),” said Bipin Parikh, assistant Pasco County administrator. He said he needs to look out for the residents and streets of Meadow Pointe, to the north of the road with traffic problems of its own. Parikh said if the connection is made between Kinnan Street and Meadow Pointe’s Mansfield Boulevard, […]

Crack Tax?

The so-called “crack tax” applies to controlled substances like marijuana and cocaine, and also illicit alcoholic beverages like moonshine. It allows someone to anonymously purchase stamps in person from the Department of Revenue based on the type and amount of the substance ($3.50 for a gram of marijuana, $50 for a gram of cocaine, etc.) […]

Rocket Scientist Cheerleader?

Summer Williams is a Houston Texans cheerleader. She’s also a rocket scientist. Technorati Tags: cheerleader, scientist