Today at lunch I happened to be driving home over the interstate bridge when I passed an ordinary minivan.

You know the type Dodge Caravan, brown, three years of dirt to cover the impending rust, you get the idea.

Anyway my plan is to pass this person before I reach my turn for Subway. As I start to overcome the vehicle I look across over my shoulder to see what type of soccer mom is driving this fine automobile and I am greeted with a scowl that could have frozen time.

I quickly turned away and let her take the lead and promptly ducked in behind her as I did not want this witch to rear end me as I slowed to turn.

Then I see it.

Her license plate says: LADYDOG

I think to my self, “Why would anyone put LADYDOG on their license plate?”

Then it hits me like a slap to the face!

What is the correct term for a LADY DOG?

Well a b*tch of course!

Props to getting that one through the DMV!

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