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Get Suze Orman’s 2009 Action Plan for Free

If you have ever watched Suze Orman on TV you know this brash woman has some tough love for those that spend their money foolishly. Her “Can You Afford It” segment is my personal favorite part of the show where she analysis peoples cash flow and then tells them if they can afford whatever item […]

More Stimulus Goodies

I was visiting with my dad the other night about the current shape of the economy and the fact that the polls show that the majority of people will either save their stimulus check or use it to pay down bills. To which I replied is complete BS. When was the last time that you […]

Dodge Guarantees Gas at $2.99

Dodge makes a bold move, guaranteeing gas at $2.99 a gallon for 3 years on any new vehicle purchase or lease. See terms and conditions here: http://www.dodge.com/en/refuel/ Pretty sad to see though that their highest eligible vehicle’s mpg is 24. No wonder they need an incentive plan for people to put a Dodge in their […]

Majority of Consumers Tell Bush to “Stick It”

Stick it right in their gas tanks that is. Bush’s widely criticized economic stimulus package will do little more than sustain a way of life just a few months longer. Many families and single residents on a fixed income do not have room in their already tight budgets for the skyrocketing prices at the pumps. […]

Americans Aren’t Saving Anymore

We just don’t save like we used to. After reading this article, it got me thinking, “Why don’t we save like we did twenty years ago?”. Well I think when you dig a little deeper, the answer is obvious. Back in the 1980s, it was very common to receive 8-10% return on savings in a […]

Wall Street Stumbles

The New York Stock Exchange took a stumble this morning to the tune of almost 500 points. Enough in fact to get the Fed’s to lower interest rates .75% in an “emergency” meeting. The markets have leveled off for the most part, with even a few heavy gainers including Lowes and Home Depot. Could speculation […]

The true cost of bottled water

Everyone complains about how expensive bottled water is and what a rip off it is. That may be true but let’s consider the logic behind it: Bottled water is for the most part distributed by soda bottling companies – if bottled water was cheaper than soda it would take away from their other products and […]

The Downfall of Debit Cards

With more and more people using debit cards exclusively these days, myself included, there comes more problems. I’m starting to see more and more stories of people either being overcharged or having holds placed on their accounts for various reasons. Here are some of the downfalls I’ve seen of using debit versus credit cards: some […]

Statutes of Limitations – On Debt?

Most people know that there are limitations set as to how far back a crime is punishable (except murder), but did you know there are similar statutes set on debt repayment? Here is the list for all states and what their limits are according to debt type. Remember that all knocks on your credit report […]

Silly kids, 6 figure incomes are not for newbies

Teenagers today think that they are going to make quite a bit of money. The average teenager believes that they will be earning an salary of $145,000 a year. Boys believe that they will be earning a salary of $173,000 per year while girls believe they will be earning $114,000 per year. This despite the […]