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How To Use Apple’s AirTunes in Ubuntu/Linux

I’m a Ubuntu guy at heart, but the team over at bicycle-based IT company iSupportU, my home away from MakeUseOf, includes a couple of real Mac types. As such, a recent company memo stated that music can now reach our stereo over something called “AirTunes.”First, I grumbled about the typical Apple naming scheme, then I wondered if […]

[Phoronix] Ubuntu Nearing X Server Not Running As Root

Based upon a recent email to the X.Org developers’ mailing list, Canonical is nearing the point of one of their goals for Ubuntu 10.10 of a rootless X Server, or being able to run the X.Org Server without root privileges. All that’s left to accomplish within the Ubuntu land according to Canonical’s Christopher James Rogers […]

Linux Get list of installed software for reinstallation / restore software

Hardware and Software failures are part of Life. That is why you need to have a backup. I have already written about backing files and MySQL databases. You need not to backup all installed binaries (mostly software) with following tips. It will not just save your time but both Debian and RHEL distro can update […]

Terminal Tip: Backup Delicious Bookmarks from the Shell

Linux/Mac only: Social bookmarking service Delicious is a great way to save and share your bookmarks, but what happens if they go the way of JournalSpace and lose all your data? You need backups! Since Delicious is owned by Yahoo there isn’t a serious risk of complete data loss, but it’s better to have a […]

Cimi’s Official Blog » Blog Archive » htaccess to redirect on DropBox’s public folder

Got tired of the long dropbox url for your public files? It is difficult to remember when you are on IRC and you don’t want to open nautilus and search for that file? Do this with a htaccess You just need to follow these two easy steps: 1. Create a new folder on your web […]

Ubuntu: A User’s Look at Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

Encryption New to Ubuntu 8.10 is a nifty seamless encryption feature. It’s always been possible to encrypt individual files/folders in Ubuntu but it involved creating a key pair and then individually encrypting files. To view or edit the file, it was necessary to decrypt it and then re-encrypt it again if changes were made. Messy. […]

All about Linux: Download full version of Codeweavers software for free – One day only

We all know that spiraling gas prices throughout the world has put a strain on the economy. But instead of becoming melancholic about the whole situation, we should look at the brighter side of things. After all some good samaritan out there would do something to bring some cheer into our lives. Take for instance […]

Linux.com :: Set up your firewall with Firewall Builder

Firewall Builder (fwbuilder) is a graphical application that can help you to configure IP traffic filtering. It can compile the filtering policy you define into many specifications, including iptables and various languages used by Cisco and Linksys routers. Separating the actual policy you define and the implementation in this way should let you change what […]

Linux Haters Are So Funny

Today, via Digg, I stumbled across this Linux bashing post. I got quite a kick out of the plain stupidity being presented and decided to investigate a little further. That’s when I found this masterpiece by the same author on the same site. Again, I almost spit out my Diet Mountain Dew in response to […]

Pro Linux Puppy

I guess this little guy doesn’t like Windows… I’d love to give credit to the original owner but I can’t seem to find them…