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Entries for January, 2021

The Eve of a Perfect Storm

Folks, this evening we sit on what I will call the eve of a perfect storm. As we fill our night with Netflix and Facebook, the world we once knew is dying. Pre-covid. Pre-masks. Pre-lockdowns. Pre-2020. A time when we could gather with friends and neighbors, strike up conversations with strangers in the supermarket, or […]

My oh my!

AT games arcade

Picked up this nifty little arcade game controller at Sam’s club last night. Charged it up and played a few games tonight with the kids. Comes with 150 games built in. Mostly old arcade games from the 70’s and 80’s but still pretty fun. Controller feels high quality and reacts reasonably.

Bridgerton on Netflix

Started watching Bridgerton on Netflix last night. Two episodes in. Not bad for a “chick flick”.

Scantron-like Calendar

Need a calendar that you can easily mark off days? Fitness milestones? Etc. I’m sure it could be handy for many things.

Warning 2021

Cut this in the shop last week.


So I built this last summer for my little guy and the girls. Pretty important to me as used some iron from dads rack to make the railings for a little sentimental touch. I’m really glad my little man can recognize my dad from pictures even if he never met him.

2021 here we come

Last time I updated this blog was about 10 days after my dad died and about 40 days before my son was born. Wow has life changed. Dad passing changed me forever. Having a child also changed me forever. Hopefully I’ll write more about those changes in the days to come. With Facebook turning into […]