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Entries for February, 2008

Missing ND Lottery Ticket Claimed

Looks like the ticket was turned in, but the winners chose to remain anonymous. A Bismarck man and woman stepped up to the counter at the North Dakota Lottery office on Friday to claim their Powerball prize. Finally. It had been nearly a month since they’d purchased the ticket at a local gas station.After taxes, […]

Just Not Worth The Money

I was just reading an article on lasik eye surgery and I thought to myself, maybe I should have this done now that I can afford it. Then I thought, nope its not worth it. Wearing contacts is such a minor annoyance to me, that the cost of removing that annoyance from my life does […]

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due…

Sometimes with the amount of volume of “stuff” that crosses my desk I forget where I seen something when I post it and forget to give props back to the original author, or in this case the guy that showed me the content… At any rate, my friend Rob over at Stuffleufagus was the one […]

Great Cubicle Fun!

This has to be one of the best cubicle pranks I have seen to date: Technorati Tags: video, cubicle, prank, humor

Verizon to offer Unlimited Plans

Verizon announced that they are going to offer unlimited plans to their users starting February 19th (tomorrow). I always wondered why this wasn’t done years ago. This could be a major influence in areas like ours with only 2 real cel phone competitors. If one offers unlimited minutes and the other does not and you […]

Bad Idea

Whoever thought this was a good idea?

HDMI Cables for Cheap

If anyone has bought a big screen or high definition TV lately and did not buy an HDMI cable to go with it because of the price, you are in luck now! On Amazon, you can get 6 foot HDMI cables for under $3 each! This is the only way to enjoy high-def TV! You […]

I think I have an addiction…

I now own over 100 domain names that I use for myself. (ie: does not include domains I own for my business.) But I guess when you think about it, only a handful are for “personal” use and the rest are niche marketing sites that actually generate money which I claim under my business so […]

Weekend Ramblings – 02-09-08

Last night we were out at the Tumbleweed Bar where I DJ’d a birthday party. Pretty good time but it’s a hard bar to play because of the layout. The sound doesn’t reach back to the bar correctly because of the floor plan but it turned out to be a decent night anyway. Tonight we […]

If I Can Teach You One Thing…

Ya know life is a crazy thing. One day you think you have it all figured out, and then something as simple as a phone call or text message or even an old song on the radio can make you question things at a very elementary level. I’m reminded of an old country song that […]