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Entries for February, 2010

Random receipt I found while cleaning garage

no caption needed

Furry friend found shelter in wind

look close by the rear tire

Moose Super Bowl

We decided to go to the Moose for the super bowl again. It’s a private party for members and their friends and its a great time! If anyone wants to join ($30), drop me a note in the comments and I will see if I can still get you a ticket.

Credit Crunch Tips

DON’T waste money on expensive iPods. Simply think of your favourite tune and hum it. If you want to “switch tracks”, simply think of another song you like and hum that instead. DON’T waste money on expensive paper shredders to avoid having your identity stolen. Simply place a few dog turds in the bin bags […]

Population of Mandan just increased by two!

Congrats to the Hochhalters on the birth of their twins. Pictured is Jesse with his new son.

Lost Labels

For all you lost fans out there that want to make their own beer and food replica labels, I found this site: http://maxpictures.com/weblog/2007/04/10/lost-labels-for-your-dharma-initiative-needs/ Take your lost geekery to the next level!

Lost season 6 premiere

On the big couch ready for the season six premiere of Lost. I cant explain how good this series is. I wish I had discovered this gem years ago when season one began.

Picture test

I have to say that this little android app is pretty cool. Here is a pic of Pedro who decided to pull out all his toys for a little nap.

Blogging from the droid

Not sure I have a need to do so but apparently there is an app to do just that. Maybe it will be the incentive to get this blog going again. Or maybe I’ll just wait for the iPad…