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I’d say that is about right…

American Cities That Best Fit You: 80% Las Vegas 70% Atlanta 65% Austin 65% Denver 65% San Diego Which American Cities Best Fit You?

Song Emotion

You ever notice that no matter what you are feeling, there always seems to be a song to go along with you mood? Can you imagine what that would be like in conversation if we just said song titles instead of what we are thinking? I think it would save a lot of time and […]

System Administrator Day

Today is System Administrator Day. Go out and celebrate however you see fit. Me? I plan on having a cold beer… Technorati Tags: sysadminday

iPhone vs Blackberry

I’m a blackberry user and don’t have much ambition to ever own an iPhone. Regardless of the carrier. (I currently cannot use AT&T as they do not have service here.) At any rate, here is a matrix showing the feature set of both: iPhone vs Blackberry Technorati Tags: blackberry, iphone

To Catch a Lawsuit

Remember a few weeks back when I posted about the suicide of a retired state prosecutor that was the result of the invasion of the cameras from the NBC show, To Catch a Predator? Well it turns out his family has launched a lawsuit against NBC to the tune of 105 million dollars. I’m guessing […]

Back Pain

I was reading Rob’s post on his back pain ordeals today and remembered back to when I was in college. I was working for a local beet farmer driving semi. They had just hired a new hand and he was hooking up a digger to the tractor when I was pulling through the yard with […]

Canadian dollar worth more than US?

I wish I would have saved the leftover change the last time I went to Canada (about 8 years ago). I think the exchange rate then was about 65 cents on the American dollar. Now it looks like the Canadian dollar is worth more than its US version. Way to go Georgy. Technorati Tags: inflation, […]

Not sure why this is interesting…

Man with tiny brain leads normal life. This should be pretty well known not? I mean, Bush has been doing it for about 8 years now… Technorati Tags: Bush, small brain

Chemical Burns from Sandals

Don’t buy sandals from Walmart I guess I do sometimes, but man I think I’ll wash them first from now on!

My First Scratch

I put my first scratch on my pickup today. Well actually it wasn’t the first. It was the first that I can’t easily cover up. The first scratches are in the box from my generator vibrating against the box side. This really didn’t bother me because I plan to put that box coating stuff on […]