I put my first scratch on my pickup today. Well actually it wasn’t the first. It was the first that I can’t easily cover up. The first scratches are in the box from my generator vibrating against the box side. This really didn’t bother me because I plan to put that box coating stuff on sometime in the next year or two and those scratches will be a thing of the past.

The one I put on today is much harder to hide. It’s right on the hood.

Dead center.

I usually back into my driveway and back under the 5th wheel hitch of my camper. That is the only way I can get the pickup fully off the sidewalk. Today was one of those days I just drove up to the hitch cause the garbage container was in the way on the street. (Today is garbage day).

Anyway, you guessed it. I got to close. In my defense the hood edge is really hard to see on my truck cause it does a steep nose dive for the last 6 inches or so and from the cab it looks like it doesn’t even exist.

At any rate I now have a couple of scratches and a small dent where a hood ornament would normally be placed on a model so equipped with one.

Maybe that’s what I’ll do. Just put on a hood ornament to cover the damage!

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