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Entries for March, 2007

Top 100 April Fools Jokes

What are you planning for Sunday? Better think of something quick. Here is a list of the all time, top 100 April Fools Jokes. Technorati Tags: funny, humor, April Fools, April 1, jokes, hoax

LEAKED: 5 More Geek Squad Manuals

Looks like the fix all manuals from the Geek Squad at Best Buy have been leaked… Full Story Here Technorati Tags: geek squad, manual, Best Buy

How to Beat the Four-Sqare Car Sale

Ever go to the dealership to buy a new car and you get that 4 square “worksheet”? There is a method to all the number writing madness and here is how to beat it. How to Beat the Four-Square Worksheet Great guide and I know the game quite well as I’ve played it many times. […]

Update Picture

I really need to update the picture on my blog here. It was a bad photo to start with and is getting worse…

Are we in space?

Kottke mentions Bismarck, ND in a recent post relating to an astronaut running in space for the Boston marathon If you’re running on a treadmill in Bismarck, North Dakota or Flagstaff Arizona or while orbiting the earth, are you really running the Boston Marathon? Are we really that far from the rest of the world? […]

iTunes – Complete My Album

iTunes released a new feature that I’ve wanted for quite some time: Complete My Album (iTunes Link) Perhaps more exciting is the “Complete My Album” feature which was previously rumored late last year. “Complete My Album” allows customers to purchase the remainder of an album for a discounted price. Did you know that if you’ve […]

Cord Identification Labels

Looking to get a handle on that mess of cords under your desk or behind your TV? Wait no more! These Wire Identification Labels will do the trick! Technorati Tags: cord, labels, ID, identification, lifehack

Bismarck Gets Another Out-Of-Sync Stop Light

When I lived on Avenue C I was always grateful that there was not a stop light, but rather a 4 way stop at Avenue C and Washington Street. Why? Because it would make traffic move slower. There isn’t a single traffic light in this city that is timed for the flow of traffic. I […]

Love for Bush

I know I’m pretty harsh on Bush for the war in Iraq and other White House blunders but I came across this on Snopes today and am glad to see he isn’t all faults: LOOK OVER THE DESCRIPTIONS OF THE FOLLOWING TWO HOUSES AND SEE IF YOU CAN TELL WHICH BELONGS TO AN ENVIRONMENTALIST. HOUSE […]

Why Loan Consolidation is Modern Day Slavery

Loan consolidation is one of the worst things you can do, but seems to be the most popular way to go for recent generations. You’ve all seen the ads on TV and the radio offering “one great, low monthly payment”. That may be true but what they don’t tell you is that the interest rate […]