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WTF is HTML5 (Infographic) – ImJustCreative

WTF is HTML5 (Infographic) – ImJustCreative. Very cool info-graphic on HTML 5

Virtualization, not the friend it used to be?

Jon Galloway rips on using virtualized machines as a way to get work done. His point is that we take fast PC’s and make slow machines of yesterday out of them by creating virtualized OS’s inside of/on top of them. In some ways I agree, but in other areas I think he is off base […]

Code for Monthly Payment Calculator

Stewart asked if I could provide the code for the Payment Calculator I wrote last week. I suppose I can… Classic ASP DotNet v2 **This code is not to be used for commercial gain, unless approved by the author…** Enjoy Technorati Tags: calculator, code, program, dotnet, asp

How To Gain Host Access in DNN 3

Today I forget a password I had set on a website in the past and I could no longer log in to my DNN version 3 website as host anymore. Since passwords are not stored in clear text and there is not a way to reset the host password in DNN 3, I had to […]

Top Ten Windows Applications that are Hard to Live Without

Now that I have been using Ubuntu Linux for about 6 months pretty much full time, here is my list of software I cannot seem to replace: iTunes: This is one application that I have not even tried to replace on the Linux side. I refuse to do it. I think iTunes is that good. […]

From Programmer to Teacher

Looks like Jason is heading to Napoleon to teach and hang up programming. I was kinda surprised about the announcement but after a day or two to think about it I think I can understand it. Maybe. Well not completely sure I’ll ever understand it. I think the small town life is great but I’m […]