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Warning 2021

Cut this in the shop last week.

Mail a brick to junk mailers using paid postage – Creative tips with dealing with spammers and bulk mailers

Formerly http://www.dearbulkmailer.com New! Give your oppinion, send pics, etc: forums Q: How much does this cost the recipient? A: Junk mailers PAY about twenty cents an ounce. That means an eight pound package COSTS THEM about $25. And all of the proceeds go directly to the United States Postal Service. Q: Can you do this […]

Lipstick in School – teach them well

Lipstick in School Youve got to love this principalAccording to a news report, a certain private school in Brisbane was recently faced with a unique problem. A number of 12-year-old girls were beginning to use lipstick and would put it on in the bathroom. That was fine, but after they put on their lipstick they […]

Saw this in a forum and it made me smile…

If live sound isn’t in your heart, get some cheap cabs and be done with it, but if you’re passionate about music and holding events, spend a lot of money, you’ll never regret it. Your girlfriend might but hey, thats girls, its all shoes, bags and god damn make up with them, i’m a man, and […]

My new iMac arrived at work!

Somehow budget cuts seems to have put a damper on the experience though…

I guess they didn’t mind the memo for my speeding ticket fine…

Hitler moves to North Dakota

What Happens When An Engineer Owns A Dog

All Thats Interesting – What Happens When An Engineer Owns A Dog.

Random receipt I found while cleaning garage

no caption needed

Credit Crunch Tips

DON’T waste money on expensive iPods. Simply think of your favourite tune and hum it. If you want to “switch tracks”, simply think of another song you like and hum that instead. DON’T waste money on expensive paper shredders to avoid having your identity stolen. Simply place a few dog turds in the bin bags […]