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Q: How much does this cost the recipient?

A: Junk mailers PAY about twenty cents an ounce. That means an eight pound package COSTS THEM about $25. And all of the proceeds go directly to the United States Postal Service.

Q: Can you do this with email spam?

A: Sure can!

Q: Does this actually work?

A: Someone used my company’s buisness-reply from inside the magazine, and taped it to a box. That’s how I know this works

Q: What is the weight limit?

A: I’ve heard rumors that it is 13 ounces, but the box that was sent to the magazine I work for was twenty two pounds.

Q: Is this legal?

A: Just don’t send hazardous materials (ie batteries), or things considered unhealthy (ie dirty underwear). Seriously, no dirty underwear.

Q: Are you sure I can’t mail underwear?

A: Well if you do, mail me a picture. Like these: thongs

via Mail a brick to junk mailers using paid postage – Creative tips with dealing with spammers and bulk mailers.

I completely plan on doing this from now on…