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Entries for July, 2006

The most annoying co-worker personalities

This was sent to me this morning and I thought it was worthy to post… The Borrower: Always takes things from your desk, and you never see them again. The Groper: Always finds a way to put a hand on your shoulder or brush against you in meetings. The Close-talker: If she gets any closer […]

From Programmer to Teacher

Looks like Jason is heading to Napoleon to teach and hang up programming. I was kinda surprised about the announcement but after a day or two to think about it I think I can understand it. Maybe. Well not completely sure I’ll ever understand it. I think the small town life is great but I’m […]


Somehow I managed to get sick this week. Got a throat-ache and my ears just ring. Hopefully I’ll be back on track tomorrow…

Email Credibility

I’ve noticed over the years that I have become less believing of forwarded email. Don’t get me wrong I still like getting the jokes but any type of news or legend forwarded through email is probably crap. Remember the one about Bill Gates tracking email and if you forwarded it to 600 people you would […]

Working from home, or not?

Yesterday one of my co-workers sent out a link to hamachi, which is a great VPN solution for connecting computers especially if they are behind NAT or on different platforms (ie: Linux to Windows). I told him that I had used hamachi quite a bit and was very happy with the product. Being that I […]

Credible or Cocky?

Chris over on Performancing said that bloggers may be getting undue respect just because they are published. (I paraphrased that so don’t get all anal on me…) Anyway I agree. Lots of times I will see a blogger trying to push content for whatever reason. I have tried not to do this as I want […]

Stock Market Woes

So last week I sold all my Apple stock, because it was way under performing and I thought jumping into Yahoo! after they announced their earnings and fell about 5% was a steal. It looks like the Yahoo! stocks have not done too bad, and I expect them to re-align to what they were before […]

Generation Incompetence?

A guy I was talking with said that everyone my age with any ambition should be very rich due to the fact that so many people in my generation are without ambition, goals, and common sense. I hate to say I agree to some extent. I have met a lot of people my age that […]

That Girl Emily – viral marketing stunt

Turns out That Girl Emily is a viral marketing campaign. For those of you who didn’t hear/know about this it was a blog created last month “by the urging of my best friend” that turns out the same said friend is sleeping with her husband which she found out through a private eye hired by […]

No PhD, no comment

This is absolutely ridiculous. I may be biased due to the fact that I do not have a doctorate degree, in fact far from it, but it looks as though National Geographic TV is run by a bunch of people with doctorates that want to form an elitist group. Hitler anyone?