Turns out That Girl Emily is a viral marketing campaign. For those of you who didn’t hear/know about this it was a blog created last month “by the urging of my best friend” that turns out the same said friend is sleeping with her husband which she found out through a private eye hired by her brother. So the blogger goes on a 14 day rampage starting with a billboard on her husband’s commute to work. Then she starts doing stupid stuff, like giving away his wine collection and other things that would surely come back to haunt her in divorce court.

Yeah, great story. Not exactly surprised it is not true but a great viral campaign that I’m sure will be worth every penny spent. Sounds like it is for some new Court TV show or something. Too bad it was found out so early, but I think that it was partly their fault the cat got out of the bag so soon. Who starts a blog one month and then the next it all turns into drama likened to Sex in the City?