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Entries for January, 2008

Will It Blend – Chuck Norris

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful…

Yesterday I enjoyed the 40-ish degree weather outside and took care of some outside tasks for most of the afternoon, knowing that the temperature was going to fall in the next couple of days. Yeah, I just love this state 🙁 Technorati Tags: ND, temperature

Monte Carlo in Las Vegas on Fire

If you haven’t yet heard, the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas is on fire. Check either FoxNews or CNN for more info… Now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

Linux Haters Are So Funny

Today, via Digg, I stumbled across this Linux bashing post. I got quite a kick out of the plain stupidity being presented and decided to investigate a little further. That’s when I found this masterpiece by the same author on the same site. Again, I almost spit out my Diet Mountain Dew in response to […]

Wall Street Stumbles

The New York Stock Exchange took a stumble this morning to the tune of almost 500 points. Enough in fact to get the Fed’s to lower interest rates .75% in an “emergency” meeting. The markets have leveled off for the most part, with even a few heavy gainers including Lowes and Home Depot. Could speculation […]

Taser Death Close to Home

I have been hearing about all the deaths around the country caused by taser guns issued to cops, but this one hits pretty close to home. Father wants answers in son’s death I might be wrong, but I don’t remember anybody ever dying from pepper spray. Maybe we should go back to a safer alternative […]

Really, Really Busy!

I am bringing a new mail server online for my company and other new year things, so I have been too busy to post normally, but should be back in the flow soon…

Apple Decides to Stick It to the Users One More Time

In Steve’s keynote today he announced a few new things in the Apple arsenal including the new MacBook Air. Also Steve showed off some new software for the iPod Touch and the iPhone. Apparently after the rebate fiasco with the early adopters of the iPhone, he decided to let them off the hook this time […]

Diamond Class Action Lawsuit

This may be the only reason I regret waiting so long to buy an engagement ring. Seriously, I missed the cutoff by like 4 months… If you didn’t, make sure you get your piece of the pie by following the instructions given in the link above.

Money Makes Us All Do Strange Things

Think that money does not influence your actions that much? Well you are wrong. According to this report, money and greed has a lot to do with choices you make, whether you realize it or not. And it’s not just humans that act this way, the study shows that monkeys given the same tests act […]