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Entries for August, 2008

Linux.com :: Four Twitter clients for Linux

Twitter is a social networking platform that keeps you in conversation by allowing you and your friends to follow each others’ updates. The service lets users post and read 140-character updates, called tweets. With Twitter, you can do social networking on the fly, from your mobile phone or at your desktop, from a Web browser […]

How Much Money Could You Carry in a Bank Robbery?

$3,545,290Quiz brought to you by money.co.uk

List of problems solved by MacGyver – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is a list of problems that have been solved by the fictional character MacGyver from the television series of the same name. (This list is not yet comprehensive.) MacGyver employs his resourcefulness and his knowledge of chemistry, physics,[1] technology, and outdoorsmanship to resolve what are often life or death crises. He spontaneously creates inventions […]

Dell’s Eee-killer to ship with Ubuntu preinstalled

Dell’s much-anticipated subnotebook product, which could be available to consumers by the end of the week, will be offered with Ubuntu 8.04 preinstalled. The little laptop is called the Inspiron 910 and it could displace the venerable Asus Eee PC as the dominant Linux-based notebook. Dell’s Eee-killer to ship with Ubuntu preinstalled.

One Woman I Would Love to Meet/Date!

PRETTY Sarah Carmen is a 200-a-day orgasm girl who gets good, good, GOOD vibrations from almost anything. The rumble of a train on the tracks, the purr of a hairdryer, the rhythmic drone of a photo-copier are all enough to make her go oh oh oh, ahhhhh. She had FIVE orgasms during our 40-minute interview. […]

Linux.com :: Set up your firewall with Firewall Builder

Firewall Builder (fwbuilder) is a graphical application that can help you to configure IP traffic filtering. It can compile the filtering policy you define into many specifications, including iptables and various languages used by Cisco and Linksys routers. Separating the actual policy you define and the implementation in this way should let you change what […]

Bismarck Tribune – Bismarck News – State receives $127,000 to fight DUIs

Thanks to additional federal funding, 41 North Dakota law enforcement agencies across the state will receive $127,000 to crack down on alcohol-related driving incidents, especially around Labor Day. Starting today and lasting through Sept. 1, the campaign will be the most far-reaching enforcement campaign ever in North Dakota, said Linda Butts, deputy director for Driver […]

Foreclosure fallout: Houses go for a $1

DETROIT — One dollar can get you a large soda at McDonald’s, a used VHS movie at 7-Eleven or a house in Detroit. The fact that a home on the city’s east side was listed for $1 recently shows how depressed the real estate market has become in one of America’s poorest big cities. And […]

Crowd Sweep from WeFest 2008

Before You Go on That Vacation…. – Security Fix

I thought I was paranoid about protecting my home from disasters and thieves before leaving on vacation. But it’s nice to know there are some people out there who may be significantly more schizophrenic on this topic. A colleague sent me this primer (PDF) from the Institute for Security and Open Methodologies, which sports a […]