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AT games arcade

Picked up this nifty little arcade game controller at Sam’s club last night. Charged it up and played a few games tonight with the kids. Comes with 150 games built in. Mostly old arcade games from the 70’s and 80’s but still pretty fun. Controller feels high quality and reacts reasonably.

Borrowing To Invest Vs. Saving To Invest | John Chow dot Com

This is a follow up to my post about bums not being richer than you. I want to give an example of how a leveraged investment not only make you more money, but is no more risky or cost any more than the standard “save and invest” method. The Money Saver The saver is someone […]

Crowd Sweep from WeFest 2008

When to Draw the Line for Support

About 3 to 4 years ago I created a handful (about 10) modules for DotNetNuke which sold very well at the time. Since my main business focus changed about a year afterwards, I could not dedicate ongoing time to further development to these modules and they stagnated. I continued to support and sell them, but […]

12 Ways of Life I’m Declaring Bankruptcy On

Landline Telephone: I’ve actually turned this one off in my life a long time ago. Right now I think we actually have landline service bundled with our cable and internet but we don’t have a single phone plugged in anywhere in the house. Why would I want to use a (gasp!) phone book to find […]

Silly kids, 6 figure incomes are not for newbies

Teenagers today think that they are going to make quite a bit of money. The average teenager believes that they will be earning an salary of $145,000 a year. Boys believe that they will be earning a salary of $173,000 per year while girls believe they will be earning $114,000 per year. This despite the […]

Not Getting Enough Vacation?

Go to work for Netflix. According to this article they do not even monitor vacation time. I hope this is a trend that starts sweeping the workforce, although I don’t see it happening to fast… Disclosure: I am a satisfied Netflix customer. Technorati Tags: work, vacation, life, balance, Netflix

Tried Curling Last Night

Last night I went with Tandra to her curling match/game/whatever they call it. I got to play for someone else that couldn’t make it. I guess I wasn’t impressed. I did figure out though why they play on ice versus a waxed gym floor: So it would add the entertainment of watching people fall down, […]

Funny Comment

Comment on news story on digg titled “Is this the stupidest man alive?” about man who ended up in hospital after lighting a firecracker out of his arse: No. He is not the stupidest man alive. If Bush could figure out how to light a firecracker, he’d do the same. Technorati Tags: Bush, stupid, joke, […]

Why You Need to Get Out of Your Home Office Now

I was turned off to this article by the title, as I have done both and the home office has been more profitable in my case but there is one huge point that he makes: Reason One: A home office is not conducive to hiring employees who will help you substantially increase your income. If […]