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The Eve of a Perfect Storm

Folks, this evening we sit on what I will call the eve of a perfect storm. As we fill our night with Netflix and Facebook, the world we once knew is dying. Pre-covid. Pre-masks. Pre-lockdowns. Pre-2020. A time when we could gather with friends and neighbors, strike up conversations with strangers in the supermarket, or […]

Scantron-like Calendar

Need a calendar that you can easily mark off days? Fitness milestones? Etc. I’m sure it could be handy for many things.


So I built this last summer for my little guy and the girls. Pretty important to me as used some iron from dads rack to make the railings for a little sentimental touch. I’m really glad my little man can recognize my dad from pictures even if he never met him.

2021 here we come

Last time I updated this blog was about 10 days after my dad died and about 40 days before my son was born. Wow has life changed. Dad passing changed me forever. Having a child also changed me forever. Hopefully I’ll write more about those changes in the days to come. With Facebook turning into […]

Holy it’s been awhile

So much to say. So much has happened. I really need to update this site. I think its time I got back to blogging.

Been awhile

Last post was in May, huh? Twitter and Facebook have kind of taken away from my blogging, but that might change in the coming months as Facebook makes more and more changes and I like the experience less and less. Only time will tell!

BBC News – The tent that turns into concrete in less than 24 hours

The past 12 months have seen a remarkable number of humanitarian crises with earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand and deadly tornadoes in the southern US being among the most recent.Among new innovations which could help relief efforts is a fabric shelter that, when sprayed with water, turns to concrete within 24 hours.Invented by two […]

Scott Adams Blog: Charlie Sheen 03/01/2011

I met Charlie Sheen a few years ago, on the set of his show, Two and a Half Men. The writers made a few references to Dilbert in an episode, and that turned into an invitation for Shelly and me to come down and watch the taping.Charlie was very friendly, and acted as though he […]

Southwest Pilot Holds Plane For Murdered Childs Family – The Consumerist

Elliott.org has the incredible story of a grandfather who was trying to race through the airport to get to the funeral of his 3-year old grandson who was murdered by his daughters live-in boyfriend. Despite getting to the airport early, long lines were going to make him late for the plane and all the TSA […]

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Review

I recently reviewed a Samsung Galaxy tablet from Verizon. Here is my take: The form factor of the device is too large to be used one-handed, yet that is how you want to use the device. The screen edges are not as large as the iPad’s which causes some erroneous input from time to time. […]