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Entries for May, 2008

How to Get the Flip Video for Under $120

I have been eyeing the flip video camcorder now for quite a few weeks. I had been saving up some gift certificates for one and when I found that amazon has then for under $120 today (on sale from the normal $150) I pulled the trigger. With all the reviews on these things floating around […]

More Stimulus Goodies

I was visiting with my dad the other night about the current shape of the economy and the fact that the polls show that the majority of people will either save their stimulus check or use it to pay down bills. To which I replied is complete BS. When was the last time that you […]

Somehow I’m Not So Sure…

17,522,869How much money will you be worth?

Cleaning out the Feed

Once again it’s time to clean out the RSS feed. I do this from time to time to keep the noise level down to a somewhat normal level. The amount of blogs I was following had crept over the 200 mark once again so I cut it down by 20. I think this is going […]

Dodge Guarantees Gas at $2.99

Dodge makes a bold move, guaranteeing gas at $2.99 a gallon for 3 years on any new vehicle purchase or lease. See terms and conditions here: http://www.dodge.com/en/refuel/ Pretty sad to see though that their highest eligible vehicle’s mpg is 24. No wonder they need an incentive plan for people to put a Dodge in their […]

Moritz Family Now Owns Southport

The Moritz family bought the Southport marina from Kevin Turnbow last week. This includes the convenience store, The Pier restaurant and bar, fueling stations and boat slips. Now the Moritz family owns 3 marinas (Marina bay and also Rickers). I’m not really sure how I feel about this as it seems like they kinda have […]

Home Depot Closing

It appears our local Home Depot store is closing. I was wondering how they were making ends meet with the very low amount of customers they seemed to have. Now I guess I know. Liquidation sale is this Saturday at 10 am.

New Flavors for Spring

We went out for some wings last night at Buffalo Wind Wings and the place was packed due to a promotion. They were offering a new beer for free called Land Shark or something like that from Budweiser. Supposed to taste like Corona without the bitter aftertaste. Then today on weather.com I saw an ad […]