We went out for some wings last night at Buffalo Wind Wings and the place was packed due to a promotion. They were offering a new beer for free called Land Shark or something like that from Budweiser. Supposed to taste like Corona without the bitter aftertaste.

Then today on weather.com I saw an ad for “Bud Light with Lime” or something like that.

I find it unusual that Budweiser would be introducing two new products within months of each other. The last new product I remember from them was Budweiser Select with fewer calories when the health craze kicked in a few years ago.

What’s with the sudden new flavors? Could it be that they are trying to retain/grab new market in light of the failing economy? It just seems odd that a company known for its regular and light beer is now testing the waters with citrus type flavors. Is it the economy or a change in taste from consumers?