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Entries for May, 2006

Naked Football

I love this parody on the “naked streaker“! This may not be safe for work!

Working Trends

There is a startling occurance happening in Bismarck right now. For the first time that I can remember, there are businesses actually closing because they cannot find workers. Granted the businesses in question are not the greatest paying businesses, but they are jobs. The first happened about a month ago, and was the closing of […]

Being Sick Sucks

I have been fighting a head cold for 3 days now. It finally won. I am staying home from work today to sleep. This post was more of a test than anything as I migrated this site to a new server last night. Looks like everything went as planned. Technorati Tags: Sick, Cold, Head cold, […]

Surgery is a Success!

Everything went well they said. Trenton is awake and everything went as planned. As things look he will be released tomorrow around noon or so…

Hotel stay and surgery

Our lovely hotel was less than stellar. I think they messed up and put two box springs on the bed instead of a mattress. To top it all off the shower this morning was ice cold and there was no adjustment on the water temperature. Hopefully the surgery goes a lot better than our hotel […]

Well we made it

An hour ahead of time to spare even. The drive was pretty un-eventful. A couple of diaper changes along the way and light traffic all the way down. Found the hotel and hospital without trouble. I’m in the waiting room right now wishing they had a couch to take a nap on. This waking up […]

Ghosts of North Dakota

I saw a neat news story on the local news last night about these guys that have been going across North Dakota and photographing and filming the vacant and near vacant towns in North Dakota. I always thought this type of stuff was pretty neat because once it’s gone, it’s gone. I’m glad someone out […]

More of a test than anything

I’m just testing out posting from my blackberry phone as I’m not sure if I will have internet at the hotel we are staying at in Minneapolis for Trenton’s eye surgery. We leave very early Thursday morning and tomorrow I have a ton of stuff to do including getting the tranny oil changed in my […]

Eichele Wedding

I’m getting ready to head down to Streeter for James’s wedding. I’m taking the camper so we don’t have to drive back tonight. Should be an all night party, knowing the groom! Last night we went out to Driscoll, as the bar owner’s sister was having a 21st birthday celebration. I was surprised by the […]

Trenton comes for a visit

Heather stayed with us the other night with the new baby, Trenton. Pedro was really jealous about having something compete for his attention. One thing I noticed, is even after they had left, the house smelled like "baby" for like 2 days. Unbelievable how something so small can leave such a lasting effect…