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Samsung Galaxy Tablet Review

I recently reviewed a Samsung Galaxy tablet from Verizon. Here is my take: The form factor of the device is too large to be used one-handed, yet that is how you want to use the device. The screen edges are not as large as the iPad’s which causes some erroneous input from time to time. […]

Automise at a Great Deal!

Ever wanted to automate tasks on your computer? I know I am always looking for a way to automate repetitive tasks such as backup and file move/copy/delete, etc. Automise does it for you. I downloaded the trial last night and it is pretty slick and powerful. Try it for free, and today only you can […]

Top Ten Windows Applications that are Hard to Live Without

Now that I have been using Ubuntu Linux for about 6 months pretty much full time, here is my list of software I cannot seem to replace: iTunes: This is one application that I have not even tried to replace on the Linux side. I refuse to do it. I think iTunes is that good. […]

Opera VS Firefox: browser review

I tried Opera 9 today for Linux. I thought to myself, “Wow, maybe I found a Firefox replacement that fixes the areas of Firefox I don’t like” So I installed it. Props to Opera for even making a version that works with Ubuntu Dapper Drake. The install was painless, and it put an icon in […]