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My oh my!

Scantron-like Calendar

Need a calendar that you can easily mark off days? Fitness milestones? Etc. I’m sure it could be handy for many things.

Consumer Reports on Safety: People food that can poison your pet

As much as we humans love it, chocolate contains caffeine, theobromine, or theophylline, which can adversely affect a dog’s heart and nervous system. Because dogs metabolize their food differently, the ‘people’ food we eat isn’t necessarily good for them. In fact, last year the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center handled 17,453 cases of pets poisoned […]

Get Suze Orman’s 2009 Action Plan for Free

If you have ever watched Suze Orman on TV you know this brash woman has some tough love for those that spend their money foolishly. Her “Can You Afford It” segment is my personal favorite part of the show where she analysis peoples cash flow and then tells them if they can afford whatever item […]

Car Repair Price Estimates | Mechanic Ratings : RepairPal

Car Repair Price Estimates | Mechanic Ratings : RepairPal. This has to be the most helpful site I have found in months. RepairPal not only gives estimates that are pretty close to real life, but offers a section with common problems for your vehicle and suggestions on how to mitigate those problems. Definitely a five-star […]

To Die Laughing

This man wants to die laughing. Yes, you read that right. A convicted murder, ordered to be put to death, wants to die laughing. Where’s is your freaking remorse? Here is a man that killed two elderly people, his own damn neighbors, in their own home in cold blood, and doesn’t have a bit of […]

College Degrees, not worth what they used to be

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Marilee Jones, a prominent crusader against the pressure on students to build their resumes for elite colleges, resigned Thursday as dean of admissions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology after acknowledging she had misrepresented her own academic credentials. Full Link Technorati Tags: college, MIT

Small Claims Court Info

In case you ever find yourself in need of small claims court (I currently do not), here is the information regarding limits, brochures, and court links: Small Claims Court Information and Links Technorati Tags: small claims, court, links, brochures

Automise at a Great Deal!

Ever wanted to automate tasks on your computer? I know I am always looking for a way to automate repetitive tasks such as backup and file move/copy/delete, etc. Automise does it for you. I downloaded the trial last night and it is pretty slick and powerful. Try it for free, and today only you can […]

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