This man wants to die laughing. Yes, you read that right. A convicted murder, ordered to be put to death, wants to die laughing.

Where’s is your freaking remorse?

Here is a man that killed two elderly people, his own damn neighbors, in their own home in cold blood, and doesn’t have a bit of remorse.

What’s worse is that there are people sick enough in this country to send him jokes. That’s it, give this sicko some more attention to feed on. This is exactly why death by stoning and other violent means, should be legalized. Cruel and unusual punishment, ha! I bet his victims didn’t get to go out laughing, why give him the right?

Leave it to Digg, to have plenty of suggestions for his parting shot, this one my personal favorite:

“What is the deal with lethal injections? Why do they sterilize the needle? It’s not like you’re going to die again of infection.”
Crowd is silent.
“Tough crowd here tonight. You guys are killin’ me!”
Taps chair. “Hello, is this thing on?”

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