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Entries for November, 2006

Facts about Sleep

I found this interesting: Seventeen hours of sustained wakefulness leads to a decrease in performance equivalent to a blood alcohol-level of 0.05%. Do you think that there is any coincidence that cops check your motor skills very thoroughly after a night out drinking (when you are sleep deprived)? Of course not. It ups their chances […]

Comparing Programming Languages in real life

BASIC – The horny divorcee that lives next door. Her specialty is seducing young boys and it seems she is always readily available for them. She teaches them many amazing things, or at least they seem amazing because it is their) first experience. She is not that young herself, but because she was their first […]

Why Customer Service Sucks

Because we let is suck. That’s why. Who has the time to get refunded the $3.99 you spent on next day shipping but received it in the normal two days anyway. Most of the time I will not bother with the hassle unless there is a substantial benefit for my time and energy. I know […]

Scott Adams Thinks Bill Gates should be President

I’ve always felt that you should pick a president the same way you’d pick an attorney to help you out of a dangerous legal problem. Do you want the attorney who dresses nicely and belongs to your church? Or do you want the attorney who can rip out your opponent’s heart and put it on […]

50 Life Facts

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71 Ways to Piss off Telemarketers

This was too good not to pass on: 26. Say in perfect English, “I don’t speak English, sorry” 27. Say “Want to hear a cool noise?” … then hang up. 28. Tell them to please hold while you do your buisness. Then making farting sounds in the phone and after 30sec come back breathing hard. […]

Guy wants to propose to his girlfriend during superbowl

Here’s the short of it: He wants to raise 2.5 million dollars to secure a superbowl commercial (or now convince someone to give up their spot as they are all sold out for 2007). I think it’s a scam or the guy is an idiot. Why not purchase a local ad for a fraction of […]

I Love Spam!

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33 Cost Cutting Tips from Mom

These are not from my mother, but they do seem a little dated for recent times. Take item 5 for example: 5. A rolling stone gathers no moss: This one’s for those of you who are bitten by the wanderlust bug. Changing jobs too often? Can’t seem to find that perfect home? Not decided where […]

Automise at a Great Deal!

Ever wanted to automate tasks on your computer? I know I am always looking for a way to automate repetitive tasks such as backup and file move/copy/delete, etc. Automise does it for you. I downloaded the trial last night and it is pretty slick and powerful. Try it for free, and today only you can […]