This was too good not to pass on:

26. Say in perfect English, “I don’t speak English, sorry”

27. Say “Want to hear a cool noise?” … then hang up.

28. Tell them to please hold while you do your buisness. Then making farting sounds in the phone and after 30sec come back breathing hard.

29. When they start talking, begin to listen. Then, in the middle of their speech, moan and say “(name of same gender), Stop it! I’m on the phone!” Apologize to the telemarketer and let them continue to talk. Moan sensually again, and say any of the fun phrases you can think of. Example: “Oh honey don’t stop it feels so GOOD!”

30. When the telemarketer calls, act very interested. Say you’ll order the product, and then when they ask for your address say “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC”

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