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Entries for September, 2006

Winterizing Week

This week has been what I like to call winterizing week. Last Saturday we put the jet skis away for the winter. Wednesday night I pulled the camper to storage after winterizing it. Yesterday the pool was closed. And hopefully the sprinklers will be blown out soon. These winters are starting to get complicated! As […]

Holly takes Rockstar competition

Congrats to Holly on winning the annual Bucks Rockstar singing contest last night. She has a great voice and I love listening to her sing. I wish I hadn’t forgotten my camera last night. Holly also got engaged recently. Congrats Holly! Technorati : Bucks, bar, music, singing, winner

Birthday Calculator

Neat birthday calculator: http://www.paulsadowski.com/birthday.asp It says I should get along well with my fiance, so it’s pretty accurate. Depending on the day! Technorati : birthday, calculator, cool, neat

Get yourself a router

Windows tip of the day: If you have a broadband internet connection (DSL, cable, etc), go down to your local Office Depot, Best Buy, or Staples and get yourself a wireless router. Even if you don’t need wireless. Why? Because those handy little wireless routers come with a firewall automatically configured. If you don’t need […]

WordPress is all about audio-video integration

Looks like WordPress now has support for Odeo. Add this to the YouTube and Google Video support and it just goes to prove that WordPress is all about audio and video integration. I guess my time has come to start a podcast… Technorati : Google Video, WordPress, YouTube, features, inline, podcast, video

Reduce Winter Heating Costs

My goal this winter is to reduce my heating costs by 35% without going the easy way of just turning the thermostat down 10 degrees permanently. Here are my plans so far: move my office from upstairs to downstairs in the room directly below our bedroom – I figure this will warm the one of […]

Grocery Store Delivery

At lunch today we had an interesting discussion about the recent addition of supermarket delivery in our city. Two supermarkets, that we know of, are offering delivery of your groceries for a nominal fee. The website where you order your groceries from is arranged like any other e-commerce web site. Some said this may take […]

Commenting with the New Layout

Last week I was giving Kristy a hard time about not allowing comments on her blog. Today I receive this email from her: From: KristyTo: meDate: Sep 27, 2006 Hi Pot, this is Kettle. Here I went to post a comment on your site, and guess what? Can’t! Well folks, you can still comment, you […]

8 Years of Google Mania

Google is celebrating their 8th birthday today. Unbelievable to think that Google has only been around 8 years. Recap of what they have accomplished: created a household name Google has been recognized as a verb (as in to google something) everyone involved in the beginning is now super rich their stock became a stock market […]

Free Checking?

I’m always amazed that I see financial institutions advertising free checking like it is an unheard of idea. Why would anyone pay for a checking account? I have 5 checking accounts (personal and business) at 4 different banks and they are all 100% free. A couple of them even earn a modest interest rate. No […]