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Entries for September, 2006

Can You Say Election?

TOKYO (Reuters) – Oil prices fell to a new six-month low below $60 a barrel on Monday as news of BP restoring output at Prudhoe Bay added to a sense of healthy supply. U.S. light, sweet crude for November fell 56 cents to $59.99 a barrel by 0037 GMT. Link Think I’m the only one […]

Furniture I Want

I really want one of these eNooks but the price is kinda high… Maybe if I hint enough about it, I can convince someone, who I happened to spend a small fortune on this fall, to get me it for Christmas or something! Technorati Tags: Life, Work life balance, Furniture, Cool, Gadgets, Electronics

Update Your Verizon Phone

These instructions are for Verizon customers only: It is important to perform a PRL (preferred roaming list) update on your cellular phones (including blackberry and other mobile devices) at least every three months. Please follow the instructions listed below: To use PRL Update, do the following: Power on your phone. Dial *228 and then press […]

Staining the House

I would really like to get the house stained, even partially, before winter. The main reason is to try to deter the woodpecker that has taking a liking for my house lately. Was thinking about taking off work this afternoon to get a start on it, but now it looks like they updated the weekend […]

My Cube at Work.

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Post2Blog wins me back again

I’ve been using Zoundry over the last few weeks to do my posting to this site. I like the tool, it’s free, and it works pretty good. I had been using Post2Blog, but since it is not free I needed to always register and un-register as I moved from computer to computer. Well, in their […]

New photos on Flickr

I posted a bunch of new photos from the last week or two up on flickr. Go check them out. Technorati Tags: Photos, Flickr, New

New look at Midspot

I updated the site a little bit tonight. I thought it needed a fresh look and I really like how fast this design loads.

Ethiopia unveils 3.3 million-year-old girl fossil

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Ethiopian scientists unveiled on Wednesday a 3.3 million-year-old fossil of a girl, which they believe is the most complete skeleton ever found. The fossil including an entire skull, torso, shoulder blade and various limbs was discovered at Dikaka, some 400 kms northeast of the capital Addis Ababa near the Awash river […]

Modern Day Fleecing

A few times a year you are able to buy an entire computer for like $99. Usually it is around the big holiday sales and the supplies are limited but you can buy a whole computer for $199 fairly often now in the sale papers. Unbelievable that my first computer cost over $1400 and it […]