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Entries for October, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Here’s a trick for all my readers fed up with all the credit card offers they receive in the mail. Use them to send your garbage back to the credit card companies!

So Soon?

I never thought I would see Bill Gates fall to “only” the world’s third richest man so soon…

Political Funny

Does anyone else find it amusing that the following website: http://worst.president.ever.com goes to a page about George W. Bush? Technorati Tags: Bush

Something to do before I die…

A couple of years ago when I was out in Long Beach, CA, I missed the chance to go aboard the Queen Mary. I really regret this as I am somewhat of a ghost tourist (if that is such a thing)! At any rate I enjoy spooky stuff and was really mad that they had […]

Tone-Loc song in real life (Funky Cold Medina)

Not everyday that stuff like this happens Clip of referenced song: I went up to this girl, she said, “Hi, my name is Sheena” I thought she’d be good to go with a little Funky Cold Medina She said, “I’d like a drink,” I said, “Ehm – ok, I’ll go get it” Then a couple […]

Amazon Links Plugin

I had a plugin on the site that was supposed to auto insert Amazon affiliate links, but all it really did was slow the site down. It’s gone. I hate stuff that slows down websites… Technorati Tags: plugin, amazon

Who Says Blogging Isn’t Cool?

I might have a very popular blog with only a few thousand or so unique visitors a month, but in that little pool of regulars I’ve found friendships that can last a lifetime. Because of blogging, my instant messenger contact list grows every month. Because of blogging, my referrals for new clients have increased steadily. […]

KX in the News

KX News was picked on recently by a national site for mis-reporting that Blackle is owned by Google. See the KX News story here and the online mockery of it here. I almost feel bad for them but it really is basic reporting to check your facts before publishing. I’m not sure if some of […]

Weird Coincidences

Like I had mentioned before, we are in the process of selling our house. Much to my amazement, I noticed at lunch that our previous house just hit the market today also. Is that weird or what? Technorati Tags: house, listing, market

Dell at Staples

Rumor is that Dell will soon be selling their computers at Staples. Interesting…. Technorati Tags: Dell, Staples