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Entries for February, 2006

What if Microsoft Designed the iPod?

I love this parody of Microsoft. Probably the best little video I’ve seen this year. Must see. Go watch it already. Technorati Tags: Parody, Video, Microsoft, iPod  

Microsoft Origami Project

It looks like Microsoft is going after the cool factor that has been Apple’s baby for quite some time now. Project Origami appears to be something I have wanted ever since the tablet came out but no one ever made it. There is a video here that apparently was leaked before Microsoft was ready as they are […]

Apple’s Big Event with Little New

Apple had their big event today. What did they announce? Nothing really. An overpriced iPod stereo and sleeve and an Intel Mac Mini. I am kinda excited about the Mac mini just because I am kinda in the market for a media center and this is getting real close now that it comes with FrontRow. I think […]

South Dakota passes abortion bill

I know, this is yesterday’s news but I had to weigh in on it after some thought. I don’t think this is a law we should be making. That doesn’t make me for or against abortion, I just think it should be up to the individual(s) involved, namely the mother, and not legislation. I am probably […]

TextPayMe Instant Payments Service

There is a new service out that is free to join and really cool called TextPayMe. What it does is allow you to send other people money using your cell phone. This would work great to split up restaurant tabs, bar tabs, shopping expenses, etc very easily without the need for carrying cash or credit […]

New H3 Hummer

I think I may have Tandra talked into buying a new H3 Hummer. It would be a blast to drive around town. Hopefully I win this decision! If anyone wants to help along the decision I promise a ride in the new toy! Technorati Tags: H3, Hummer


PS: New Olympic Sport (NSFW)

Rebuttal to Valentines Day Post

Well it looks like a certain someone, prolly Kristy, was giving me a hard time about not gushing about my wonderful girlfriend in my Valentines Day post. (See the post’s comment) Well here is a little known fact about Tandra: “Call Me” by Blondie was the number one song on the charts the day she […]

Miscellaneous Linkage

100 Ways To Be A Better Asshole How they named companies Earth Hurtles Toward 6.5 Billion BTW Jason Kottke looks like he might be entering the work force once again. If you don’t remember this is the blogger that “went pro” last year and quit his job to live off the donations from his blog. Technorati […]

Axosoft offers a $490 discount!!!!

This is true. Axosoft is offering an unheard of price on their project management software. 5 user licenses for $5; no catch. The are trying out the blogosphere to see if it is all we claim it to be. Act fast. The deal expires on Friday. Technorati Tags: Software, Discount, Project management, Axosoft