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Toxel.com » Collection of Cool Pepsi Ads

Toxel.com » Collection of Cool Pepsi Ads. Very Cool!

Papa John’s Is Taking Your Theft Seriously, And Gets Offended If You Don’t Believe Them

Mark didn’t like how a Papa John’s pizza delivery guy was acting, so he paid the delivery charge but marked through the tip line on his receipt. Two days later, he discovered an extra $6.42 had been tacked on. When Mark called Papa John’s to report the theft, he spoke to someone who obviously hasn’t […]

Man Finds out the True Cost of Steel

MIAMI (WSVN) — A man who police arrested for stealing a 40-foot-long street lamp pole said the economy made him do it. Miami Police stopped Elio Valero, 42, just as he was driving up to the recycling center located at Northwest Seventh Avenue and 21 Street with the aluminum pole belonging to Florida Power & […]

Bismarck Tribune – Golden Manor changing

Alice Dewitz is a resident of Golden Manor, a nursing home in Steele. By the middle of next year, Golden Manor will be a basic care and assisted living facility. Medcenter One leases Golden Manor, a 50-bed nursing home in Kidder County. About six months ago, Medcenter officials started talking to the Golden Manor Inc. […]

Vote Jon Barnhardt for President!

Living In A Garbage Truck

The Optimists Vacation, 2008 – Laugh Lines – Humor – New York Times Blog. This has to be the most unique living spaces for miles around. Looks very neat inside, in fact better than some campers I’ve seen.

Trap-Jaw Ants: Amazing!

Guard wants volunteers for paintball war

Bismarck Tribune – Bismarck News – Guard wants volunteers for paintball war. Our local “brag rag” (aka: The Bismarck Tribune) announced this morning that the National Guard is looking for some paintball war volunteers. This sounds like a lot of fun but I’m guessing there will be hundreds lined up to fill the 20 spots […]

A Note on the DNS Post that was Pulled

Yesterday I linked to a post on the DNS vulnerability that is looming over the internet right now. At the request of the author, I pulled that post shortly afterwards due to him posting before he was supposed to. I honored the request, but here is a few things that I think need to be […]

Blurred Out: 51 Things You Arent Allowed to See on Google Maps

I could show you but I’d have to kill you! Blurred Out: 51 Things You Arent Allowed to See on Google Maps – IT Security.