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Entries for August, 2007

And then…

Sorry that it has been a few days. I’ve been really, really busy. Here is a short recap: -My dad’s birthday-organized the opening of a physical office for my company in town-catching up on projects for clients-played in the annual softball tournament in Driscoll this weekend-setting up a few new services to offer in my […]

How Political Polls Change the Final Outcome

I really think political polls done previous to an election, changes the final outcome. Think about it. If you are like me, you don’t really follow things too closely the months leading up to election. You kind of take the “wait and see” method of voting. You simply wait for all the scandals to come […]

Ten Life Lessons I’ve Learned In The Pursuit of Getting Rich

Number 2 on the list really made me smile because I have witnessed it twice in my career first hand: 2. Assistant Manager of an apartment community: Beware of people who tell you how honest they are, and if they mention the Lord within the first five minutes of any business transaction, hold on to […]

Can someone get that phone already?

Kinda been suffering from a little blog burnout the last couple days. Maybe not burnout, but more like not enough time to think of anything to post. Been really busy. Lining up some new business ventures… Don’t worry I’ll be in touch real soon!

Stock Market

I always find it amusing that when all the stocks in my list that I watch everyday are down, the Tesoro stock is always up. I swear I should really invest in Tesoro as their stock is up huge in the last year or so. I guess that’s the only way you can curtail the […]

College is Good, mmkay?

Violent Acres hits the nail on the head about college and the amazing fact that everyone in this country thinks they cannot do anything but work at Burger King without a college degree. Absolute crap. I consider myself to be successful for my age. Granted I’m not a millionaire by any means, but I also […]

Military Hand Signals

In case you ever wondered what all those hand signals meant… Quite comical towards the end… Technorati Tags: military, signals, funny

Pics of the Bridge Collapse

Here are some of the best pictures I’ve seen so far of the 35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis, MN. I know the site isn’t in English, but the pics are the best I’ve found so far… Technorati Tags: 35W, bridge, collapse, Minneapolis

Bridge Aftermath

I, like many others, have been watching the 35W bridge tragedy in Minneapolis unfold over the last couple days and it seems the footage never gets old. It’s really amazing how the bridge just collapsed without warning. Not sure why, but there is just something about this photo… Technorati Tags: bridge, Minneapolis

Irresponsible Reporting

I was passed a link to a recent article by the Wall Street Journal. I remember there used to be a time I respected the Wall Street Journal and it’s responsible reporting, but that time is coming to a close. (Especially after they construed my interview a few months ago…) Anyway, their latest piece is […]