Violent Acres hits the nail on the head about college and the amazing fact that everyone in this country thinks they cannot do anything but work at Burger King without a college degree.

Absolute crap.

I consider myself to be successful for my age. Granted I’m not a millionaire by any means, but I also don’t have a cent of college debt.

I seriously think the only thing a four year degree tells an employer is that you have the ability to put up with someone else’s crap (namely the arrogant college instructors who don’t have an ounce of real life experience but they can teach you everything you need to know cause it’s right here in this damn textbook) for four years.

You know what I’ve learned in all the college classes I’ve taken over the years?

I wish I had something to tell you, but I don’t.

Oh wait, I do. I learned that if you play along by the rules, get your homework in on time and participate when asked by responding how expected you can pass any class without any proof of knowledge learned.

In other words regurgitation. Or communism, depending how you look at it.

The college systems in this nation are severely flawed. The last time I saw someone graduate from college ready to take on the world was…

Well don’t have an example there either because anyone I know that had the backbone to start their own company or make something of themselves dropped out of college and left the hive. With no regrets.

Now, go do something your told you worker bee, you.

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