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Corral Campout

The big Corral Campout is this weekend. Usually I’m ready to roll for this event but I’m not sure that I will make it down this year. What it is, is a big appreciation event for all the customers of Corral RV (where I bought my camper). Since we lost a full week siding the […]

Camping Recap

Well we pulled off another miserable Memorial Day Weekend. I say this only because with the wind and rain it resulted in sub-freezing temperatures for most of our adventure. And to top it all off, on Saturday morning we were greeted with the ground covered in snow from the previous night. It actually did improve […]

It’s Official

I am getting a new 5th wheel camper. You can see the floor plan here. It is the one on the bottom number: 2007 31SBBS-M5. Hopefully I pick it up this week. My pickup is getting the hitch installed today. Funny thing was I dropped off my old one on Saturday and they sold it […]

New Camper?

Looks like there is a pretty good possibility that I finally upgraded to a 5th wheel camper. (gotta wait for all the paperwork before it’s official) More to come, enjoy the nice weather this weekend. Oh and we are undefeated so far going into the finals of the sponsor tournament this weekend for darts. Wish […]

Out camping last weekend…

We were out camping all weekend at New John’s Lake and had a pretty good time. The weather cooperated most of the weekend although it was a little windy on Saturday. After being out all weekend unplugged it almost takes a complete day to catch up on email and other things I missed while away […]

Cabins for rent at Lake Tschida

One thing I forgot to mention last night when I was talking about Lake Tschida was www.rocksandhills.com which is the website of the guy we were camping with. Turns out he has a cabin for rent out on the lake as well as some lots for sale. Beautiful cabin and great rates too! If you […]

Camping at Lake Tschida

Friday night I went out to Lake Tschida with the camper. The main reason I went out was to see how the new Duramax pulls. Oh yeah. I bought a Chevy Duramax 2500HD Crew Cab right after the 4th of July when Chevy had 0% interest for 6 years. I really wasn’t going to trade […]