Friday night I went out to Lake Tschida with the camper. The main reason I went out was to see how the new Duramax pulls.

Oh yeah. I bought a Chevy Duramax 2500HD Crew Cab right after the 4th of July when Chevy had 0% interest for 6 years. I really wasn’t going to trade until next year, but I figured a deal like that was too good to pass up.

Anyway, it pulls like crazy. I can’t believe the power. I was fighting a head wind on the way out there and could still pull it as fast as I wanted. I even averaged between 10 and 12 MPG which is far away from the 18-19 it gets empty on the highway, but still not bad.

I hadn’t been out to Lake Tschida for about 5-6 years and was surprised at how big the lake was. The water was warm, not surprising with all the over 100 degree weather we have been getting the last week or two. We ended up having a great time dispite the fact that I had to come back to town early Saturday morning due to the amount of side work and other obligations I have going.