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Entries for October, 2008

Ubuntu: A User’s Look at Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

Encryption New to Ubuntu 8.10 is a nifty seamless encryption feature. It’s always been possible to encrypt individual files/folders in Ubuntu but it involved creating a key pair and then individually encrypting files. To view or edit the file, it was necessary to decrypt it and then re-encrypt it again if changes were made. Messy. […]

All about Linux: Download full version of Codeweavers software for free – One day only

We all know that spiraling gas prices throughout the world has put a strain on the economy. But instead of becoming melancholic about the whole situation, we should look at the brighter side of things. After all some good samaritan out there would do something to bring some cheer into our lives. Take for instance […]

Hedge Fund Manager: Goodbye and F—- You – News Blog – Daily Brief – Portfolio.com

I will no longer manage money for other people or institutions. I have enough of my own wealth to manage. Some people, who think they have arrived at a reasonable estimate of my net worth, might be surprised that I would call it quits with such a small war chest. That is fine; I am […]

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: The Economic Crisis Hits the Markson Family Monopoly Board.

Dear Pamela— I realize you’re angry at how Friday night’s Monopoly game ended. I’m writing this note to explain why certain things occurred the way they did, and, hopefully, to chip away at the chilly silence that has characterized our relationship the past few days. Since we haven’t spoken, I’m not aware of your stance […]

No bottom to stock market clearly in sight – Stocks & economy- msnbc.com

CHICAGO – The bear market that is ravaging investor portfolios is now one of the worst in modern U.S. history and has wiped out more than $7 trillion in shareholder value, with no bottom clearly in sight. When it stops and how far it drops, no one can predict with any accuracy — a painful […]

Son of Tenn. Lawmaker Indicted in Palin E-Mail Hack – Security Fix

The son of a prominent Democratic Tennessee state lawmaker was indicted Tuesday on charges of hacking into the Yahoo Web mail account of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. David C. Kernell, 20, of Knoxville, was indicted by a federal grand jury on a single count of accessing Palin’s e-mail without permission. The FBI said Kernell turned […]

Rock Out With Your Bailout – October 7, 2008

OCTOBER 7–Days after federal officials agreed to an $85 billion bailout of American International Group, the insurance firm spent more than $440,000 for a corporate retreat at a swanky California resort. An invoice from the week-long getaway, a copy of which you’ll find below, was obtained by the congressional panel that has been holding hearings […]

Bank robber hires decoys on Craigslist, fools cops | The Social – CNET News

In an elaborate robbery scheme that’s one part The Thomas Crowne Affair and one part Pineapple Express, a crook robbed an armored truck outside a Bank of America branch in Monroe, Wash., by hiring decoys through Craigslist to deter authorities. It gets better: He then escaped in a creek headed for the Skykomish River in […]