I really think political polls done previous to an election, changes the final outcome.

Think about it.

If you are like me, you don’t really follow things too closely the months leading up to election. You kind of take the “wait and see” method of voting. You simply wait for all the scandals to come out in the open and then pick your choice based on which scandal your morals and ethics will allow you to elect.

This is where polls come in.

Take this poll for example.

There are two things I do not like about this poll.

Number one: A republican is leading the race. I think we’ve seen the damages of late and I’m not sure that another republican in office is our best option, especially with a democratic majority in Congress. Nothing like a good old headlock when it comes to decision making.

Number two: Hillary is in the top four. I’m not saying that I don’t want a woman to be president. Because I really don’t care. Just not that woman.

Does anybody realize that if Hillary is elected, two families will have ruled this country for at least 28 years? (By the time she finished her first term).

Also if there is a woman in this country that has something to be mad about, it should be Hillary. For Christ’s sake her husband cheated on her in front of the whole country with a fat intern that doesn’t have the decency to wash the dress when she is done. If you think adultery will not become a crime punishable by death or public stoning during her tenure, you have another think coming. Not that I believe in adultery, I just like to see Americans keep some of the few freedoms we have left after The Dictator Decider is out of office.

OK, so now your asking me how this poll will change the outcome of the race.

Well, when I look at it, there are two things I need to change about it. So I’m going to do my hardest to convince all my friends to vote against these two candidates for the same reasons I outlined above.

I really think being ahead in the polls is a bad thing. Everyone wants to take down the top dog. If I were running for president I would not even announce my decision to run until about 3 weeks before the election and then put out a viral “will it blend” video.

Who wouldn’t like to see a video of something getting blended to pieces, like say, a political career?

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