Ever wanted to automate tasks on your computer? I know I am always looking for a way to automate repetitive tasks such as backup and file move/copy/delete, etc.

Automise does it for you. I downloaded the trial last night and it is pretty slick and powerful. Try it for free, and today only you can get a huge discount on the product. Here is their own words:

Automise is a powerful general purpose automation tool that allows anyone to automate just about anything! Create an Automise project using the fantastic GUI, and then it’s easy for anyone to run the project with single click or single keystroke or it can be scheduled to run automatically. Automise saves time, often running tasks in seconds that would take minutes or hours if done manually.

Automise makes complex automation tasks easy as it uses a powerful graphical user interface and includes built in support for many different applications.  Automise includes powerful flow control actions which allow the project to decide which actions to run depending on certain conditions, as well as error handling so that your project can clean up and handle errors properly.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Automise in any way and do not benefit from your purchase. I just thought the product was cool and plan on purchasing for myself.

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