Here’s the short of it: He wants to raise 2.5 million dollars to secure a superbowl commercial (or now convince someone to give up their spot as they are all sold out for 2007).

I think it’s a scam or the guy is an idiot. Why not purchase a local ad for a fraction of the cost. Yes they do exist, the local channel the game is being broadcast on gets 1-2 local ads which usually run around $500-1,000.

Anyway here is an excerpt and the link:

It was just an idea, and a bit of a crazy one at that. I’ve been wanting to propose to my girlfriend for a while now – we’ve been dating for longer than the average courtship by a good shot, and I’d finally made up my mind – this was the girl for me for now and forever. The question was – how to do it? How could I do something truly unique, spectacular and worthy of the way I feel about her? Being a huge NFL fan, and having a girlfriend who actually gets excited about the Superbowl, I figured the best thing I could do would be to propose to her on the big game – in front of the largest audience of witnesses to an engagement in history. I know… It seems a bit far-fetched. But with the help of the web, anything is possible, right? So my geekery took me straight to the site, where, amazingly, the buzz began to grow. We raised over $75,000, got mentioned in several press articles and it looked like things were taking off – until…

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