Now that I have been using Ubuntu Linux for about 6 months pretty much full time, here is my list of software I cannot seem to replace:

  1. iTunes: This is one application that I have not even tried to replace on the Linux side. I refuse to do it. I think iTunes is that good. Hands down the number one app for Windows that is hard to walk away from and it’s made by Apple! I have to say Rhythmbox does come close though…
  2. Outlook: I know everyone says Thunderbird or Evolution but it just doesn’t come close. In an exchange environment (like we are) Outlook is king.
  3. GreatNews: Have I mentioned lately how much I love this little RSS reader? I have replaced it with Newsgator Online, but for a client app that can run from my thumb drive, GreatNews takes the cake.
  4. Visual Studio: Being a ex-developer, this application is missed greatly. I haven’t found anything on the Linux side that even comes close. In fact I don’t even know what to use for application development in Linux.
  5. Zoundry and Post2Blog: I’m grouping these together because they are both excellent client blogging tools that I use almost exclusively. The client tools for Linux do not even come close (from what I’ve seen). Where’s the WYSIWYG editor in the Linux choices? Post2Blog even supports installing it to your thumb drive now to create a mobile version.
  6. ePrompter: This little application is a blessing for checking multiple Hotmail or POP3 accounts and takes almost zero system memory. Almost the perfect little email tool for managing multiple accounts.
  7. Dreamweaver: I don’t care which version. Anything after 2004 will work. Hands down the best HTML editor in my opinion. Maybe Scream on the Linux side gets close but I cannot get used to the childish looking interface.
  8. Blackberry Syncing Software: I’m not even sure what the official name for this software is but I do know that it does not work in Linux. Good thing for Over the Air installs. It still leaves me helpless when it comes to having a backup of my contacts and other info on a regular basis…
  9. Flickr Uploadr: There is supposed to be a third party tool that works on Linux, but I can’t get it to run on Ubuntu. If anyone knows how please pass on the knowledge… F-Spot works pretty good to upload to Flickr, but it does not allow me to create new sets on the fly.
  10. QuickBooks: Even though I just started using it this year, I cannot figure out how I ever ran my business without it. I just wish they would offer a Linux version, because even their online version requires Internet Explorer.

I’ve heard other people say that Photoshop cannot be matched however for my light usage, The Gimp provides more than ample features and is easily navigated for the quick image or photo manipulation.

So there it is. My list of gotta-have Windows software. What do you miss?

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