I met Charlie Sheen a few years ago, on the set of his show, Two and a Half Men. The writers made a few references to Dilbert in an episode, and that turned into an invitation for Shelly and me to come down and watch the taping.Charlie was very friendly, and acted as though he was familiar with Dilbert. I often tell the story of Charlie doing a head-to-toe visual assessment of my wife from four feet away. He wasnt kidding around. Just curious, I guess. Somehow he made it seem normal.In my two minutes of interaction with Charlie, I got the strangest vibe from him. There was something extraordinarily deep, or maybe dark, or intense, about him. You often hear it said of celebrities “Hes so normal.” I didnt get a normal vibe from Charlie. Not even close. It wasnt a crazy vibe, or a drug vibe. It just wasnt anything Ive seen before. It was haunting.Like many of you, Ive been watching his crazy-talk interviews and reading about his unusual life choices. Im not embarrassed to say Im fascinated by it all.  But the thing that interests me the most is the intersection between honesty and insanity. There is some theoretical amount of honesty that is indistinguishable from mental illness. Charlie is blurring the line, or maybe spending some time on both sides of it. Its clearly intentional. And it might be working, at least in terms of pressuring his show to restart, at which point it would be the most watched show on television.It might look to you as if he is crazy because he speaks about himself as some sort of walking god with powers beyond what we humans possess. Crazy, right?  Maybe.  If we allow him some literary license when he says he has tiger blood and Adonis DNA, lets examine the claim.

via Scott Adams Blog: Charlie Sheen 03/01/2011.

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