Today, via Digg, I stumbled across this Linux bashing post. I got quite a kick out of the plain stupidity being presented and decided to investigate a little further.

That’s when I found this masterpiece by the same author on the same site. Again, I almost spit out my Diet Mountain Dew in response to the pure ignorance this guy was spewing forth.

So I decided to see if Mr. Microsoft has a website of his own. You bet he does! And quite a gas at that!

Not only is the ignoramus using and open source application (WordPress) to fulfill his blogging needs but he is also hosting his site using the open source Apache web server as proven by this error page, undoubtedly on a Linux web server as well. (Netcraft didn’t have the data when I checked, which shows his site probably isn’t on the high traffic side of things.)

This either leads me to believe that, in fact, Jerry Lee Cooper is either Linux fan trolling as a Microsoft zealot, or indeed one mis-guided individual. If the first case is true, props to you Jerry for giving such a believable display of ignorance, otherwise you may want to get your facts straight about “this Linux” you claim to know!

What do you think? Is Jerry a Linux troll looking for laughs or a mis-guided Microsoft fan that drank too much kool-aid?

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